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Well, what an eleven months it has been & what amazing people and places we have experienced on our travels!! Though, as they say, all good things must come to an end and where better to go off with a bang than LA and the bright lights of Vegas!

Los Angeles

Everything that is portrayed about LA, the rich and famous, the down and outs, the flash cars and fast food is even bigger and brasher when you get here, its everything you want it to be and much more!

We stayed in a hostel called Banana Bungalows in West Hollywood and to say it was a party hostel is an understatement, though, whether due to the whole hostel thing now wearing a bit thin after eleven months or just purely because our short time here didn’t afford us the luxury of a day nursing a hangover we gave the parties a miss and hit the streets of Hollywood…!

Our first night took us to the walk of fame to see the famous and not so famous names captured in the stars on the Hollywood Boulevard.  LA is the kind of mad place where we were sat outside eating at a Mexican Restaurant when Batman walked past and no one batted an eyelid!

Walking down to Hollywood Boulevard!

One of the many famous Stars!!

The famous Hollywood sign!

Will Smith's big feet!

We visited the Guinness World Record Museum and were amazed by the tallest man in the world, the photograph below with Marc standing next to him is hilarious and believe it or not Sunny North Wales got a mention with the smallest house in the world in Conwy!  It was then on to the Wax Museum though they don’t really stand up next to Madam Tussauds!

The Guinness World Record Museum!

Can you imagine being this tall!!

Conwy's Smallest House in the World!!

Smallest and Tallest humans! Nic in the middle!!

The Wizard of Oz cast!
But where is toto!!

Universal Studios!

The back set tour of this place is a film lovers dream, you get to see the likes of the plane crash scene out of War of the Worlds and Skull Island from King Kong we even got to see Desperate House Wives filming while the backdrop of the Hollywood hills in the distance just adds to the whole experience! Marc had a crash course in acting when he was picked out of the crowd to play the staring role in the special effects show. It was hilarious, though when asked to do the voice over for Tinkerbell in the scene where she whizzes around Peter Pans bedroom it was a step to far and Marc was not going to be able to get his voice to such a high pitch. Tinker Bell turned out to be a very butch fairy!! You will see from the photos that we both look like drowned rats and it is all to blame on the Jurassic Park ride which leaves you dripping wet! We spent that night in Universal City, once you come out of the actual theme park there is a huge village which includes shops, restaurants and bars with live shows playing throughout the night.

The globe outside Universal Studios!

Marc & Marilyn!!

One of the amazing stunt shows we got to see!

The set from War of the Worlds!

Another amazing scene from war of the worlds!

Here is the tour vehicle!

Marc completing his crash course in voice overs!

The Waterworld show!

The end of our Universal adventure!

Dodgers store in Universal City!!

The LA Dodgers

The following day we went to watch and support the Los Angeles Baseball team, what a day! Not that we understood 90% of what was going on but it was still a great day and the atmosphere was fantastic. These matches go on for about 5 hours so it’s a real full day of Hot Dog eating and drinking plenty just to try and keep cool in the 100 degree heat! All of the Americans around us did their best to explain the rules, however, we think we will stick to Footie as far as sport goes but the day out is just fantastic!

Outside the Dodger stadium!

The star player Manny Ramirez is on the bat!

LA Dodgers just go into the lead!

Venice Beach

Now this place is surreal! It’s a long stretch of beautiful sand, however on the promenade in front of the beach there are the weirdest people you have ever seen! We can imagine it to be the best place for any director to come to get a good idea for the next horror or thriller movie! We wish we had more photographs to show you the people but to be quite honest it was too dangerous to take photographs of them! We ate dinner at the restaurant on the front while doing some people watching and then got out of their before it got too late! Having said that though we probably met just as weird people on the local bus back to the hostel… everyone seems to either talk to themselves or sit there rapping, whether anyone wants to hear or not! Its one of the most unreal experiences we have probably ever had, it’s a bit like what you can imagine it would be like visiting a mental institute for 1 hour!

The start of Venice Beach!

The Gym on Venice beach where Arnie pumped up!

The sun sets on Venice Beach!

VIVA Las Vegas!!!!

The drive alone from LA to Vegas was out of this world with the stark contrast of LA to the desert of Nevada, however what with the air-con going off on the coach and the temperatures rising to a cool 110 degrees as we reached the desert it could have been a little bit more comfortable! The heat didn’t subside, for the whole of our stay in Vegas it stayed around this temperature, even at night it was scorching! A bit different to NZ, hey!

Anything and everything goes in Vegas! For instance you come down for breakfast at around 11am and there are still people in the casinos from the night before still drinking, in fact they look as if they haven’t even realised it’s morning!

We stayed at the Sahara which was an upgrade for us from hostels, however, it is an old hotel so we got straight out on the strip to see some of the action! The big new hotel in town is the Wynn and we loved this place! The bar there is called Parasol Down and they have one upstairs called Parasol Up! They have the best free show here with (only in Vegas!) a frog the size of a house! The time literally goes nowhere as there is so much to see and do as your walking down the strip; by the time you have stopped off at a couple of the Hotels and seen some of the free shows the suns coming up for the next day!

The amazing free show at the Wynn Casino & Hotel!

The very stylish Parasol Up bar at the Wynn

Outside the Wynn on the way down the Vegas strip!!

Inside the grand.. Venician Casino and Hotel!!

The free Pirate battle show, Treasure Island Hotel

Mrs Flash with the Cash!!

Hard Rock cafe Las Vegas!!!

Inside Hard Rock Las Vegas!! VIVA Las Vegas!

The Beatles - LOVE

The show we paid to go and see was “Love” by Cirque Du Soleil all based around the Beatles and it was out of the world. We recommend it to everyone, we just hope it comes to the UK so we can go and watch it again and if and when we get back to Vegas we will definitely be paying it another visit!


Preview from the show



Beatles - LOVE!!!!!!!!!

On the way into the show!!
No cameras inside!

Grand Canyon & The Hoover Dam

How else to drive to the Grand Canyon then to join the rich and famous and hire a Hummer! My god these vehicles are huge and sooo American but great fun! We first arrived at the Hoover Dam and what a feet of engineering this is. When completed in 1935, it was both the world's largest electric-power generating station and the world's largest concrete structure. It no longer holds any records but just mind blowing to see! The views over the Colorado River are stunning!

Setting off in our HUMMER to the Hoover Dam!

The HUMMER baby!!

New bridge construction across the Hoover Dam!

The colossal Hoover Dam!!

Workings of the Hoover Dam!

Low water level of the Hoover Dam!

Amazing views on the way to the Grand Canyon!!

Road as far as the eye can see!!

The last bit of the drive to the Grand Canyon is via dirt track so it was handy having a 4x4. The drive is worth doing alone but the Natural Wonder that awaits at the end is truly breath taking! This part of the Canyon is owned and commissioned by the Hualapai Tribe and you also get an insight into their history of living in and around the Canyon area!

Off road driving required!! Yeah baby!!
Good job we got ourselves a HUMMER!!

Entrance to the Grand Canyon!!

The amazing Grand Canyon!

Lunch with a view!!

Eagle Point!

More amazing views!!

Nicola enjoying the amzing views!!

What a day - HUMMER and the Grand Canyon!!

Heading back to to Las Vegas!!

Relaxing at the Sahara pool!!

The Sahara Casino and Hotel!!

So this brings us to the end of what as been the most amazing 11 months, we just want to say a big thank you for everyone who has kept us going with emails and messages. It’s been great doing this diary not just for ourselves to look back in years to come but even better to get our family and friends feedback throughout our travels!

We are home tomorrow so we will be catching up with everyone very soon and in the words of Dorothy “There is no place like home!”

Loads of love from a binged out Binge Twins!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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