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Background image taken of our HUMMER at the Grand Canyon!

So the Journey Begins

12 countries in 12 months

What happens after the 12 months nobody knows, what happens within them is sure to be fun! In all of the 12 countries we visit we are going to see and do as much as possible, trying to take a glimpse into local cultures and local life, learning as much about the country and its people as we can, and of course to have quite a bit of fun along the way. Hostels will be our accommodation of choice and backpacks our mode of luggage!


We will be using this website to keep you all up to date. Wherever we find the facilities to get online we will do our best to upload our photos, tell you our whereabouts and share our findings.

We will be starting on our
Around the World
journey on the 5th of November 2007
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keep in touch!!

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